Since 1998,
medical columbus has steadily established itself as a leading provider of electronic procurement and data standardization in the European hospital market. Known as a reliable and competent partner of hospitals andindustry, our products are a central part of modern supply chain solutions in healthcare. On the 1st November 2018 GHX acquired Medical Columbus in an asset deal.

We network hospitals and suppliers through our clearing center mc trans actor. A unique market business architecture enables this perfect sequences, without having to make adjustments to existing materials management systems for hospitals. Orders will be content and technology so processed so that they,untouched enter into the ERP system of the supplier.

As an independent, neutral service between hospitals and suppliers we have withthe manufacturer-independent information platform mc navigator on the probably the most comprehensive reference database for medical products. In addition, a unique classification structure was developed by us, which has become astandard in the market.

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