mc communicator

The mc communicator is the overarching platform to ensure strategic purchasing within hospital purchasing pool that are not operated under a central IT system.

The different stock lists of the individual members of the pool are synchronised with the reference database mc navigator . A common database for all members is thus created, without having to change the existing IT systems and data. mc communicator is the BI centre of major purchasing pools.


  • Group-wide benchmarks for consumption and price information
  • Deposit of supplier price lists in a normalised data format
  • Deposit of central prices for the strategic purchase for the pool members
  • Deposit of tender prices
  • Deposit of the normalised order data of all pool members
  • Individual analyses for specific questions


  • Up-to-date data base for the strategic purchasing within a purchasing pool
  • Simple access to central prices for the pool members
  • Effective benchmarking between the pool members
mc portal for customers