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Our catalogue mc navigator provides you with a clearly defined, fast and comprehensive overview over the medical products market.

All articles include a supplier-independent generic description, together with all other logistically relevant data, including barcodes. Our expert system mc-classification groups all articles in a tree structure, and the offered search functionality based on neutral product properties quickly finds the desired article including potential alternatives.

Specifically for a strategic procurement and for controlling we offer additional classification structures and attributes like eCl@ss, product group templates or MiGeL (CH).

The mc navigator is the core of the medical columbus electronic procurement solutions, and is the basis of all our further services and products.

Set sails with us towards a better future of your business!


  • Standardised information for 5.6 million articles – medical products, pharmaceuticals, and laboratory equipment, including reagents and diagnostic agents
  • Articles including EAN, GTIN, HIBC (if available)
  • Article information of more than 8,000 suppliers (manufacturers and retailers)
  • Available in German, English, and French
  • eCl@ss and different product group templates optionally available


  • Quick market overview
  • One-click finding of alternatives
  • Normalised article classification

We are pleased to offer you a free 14 day mc navigator trial access.

For questions and individual advice on the mc navigator, please contact

Mr. Klaus Böller
Leitung Vertrieb
fon +49 (0) 821 2674 116
mobil +49 151 1405 1489

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