Experience tells: Things do not remain tidy – any first cleanup process must be followed up continuously. With our tailored tools, we can support you to achieve a continuously high data quality through necessary upgrades and newly created data entries, whether small or large, or by regular price updates within your hospital or hospital group.

mc connector

For smaller data packets the mc connector offers an easy download of article master data from the mc navigator into your materials management system. This does not only save time but also guarantees unique article identification in your systems right from the beginning.

mc master data management

Mass import of article data and regular updates of the price information in your materials management system is an important element of today’s master data and price adjustment processes. Our mc master data management performs these tasks for you easily and quickly.

User-friendly search functionality and mass updates after only a few mouse clicks help to achieve tangible time savings and thus contribute to a productive surplus of your business.

Push Service Master Data Updates

Periodic updates of ordered articles as an automatic process.

mc portal for customers