With us as helmsman you reach new shores: e-commerce with medical columbus, a GHX business, means a faster ordering handling and full end-to-end tracking in the supply chain.

Automated verification routines and manual clearing initiate the ordering cycle by converting your order into the supplier’s format. Reply documents like order confirmations, advanced shipping notifications and invoices can be directly processed in your materials management system.

Efficient ordering processes and a smooth information transfer reduce errors and media breaks, resulting in lower overall costs.

About the mc transaction platform …

  • 1.2 billion Euro transaction volume per year managed for our clients
  • About 1 million orders per year
  • About 27,000 trading pairs served (client – supplier relations)

Connection to all established materials management systems is possible. Standard interfaces exist to SAP, Amor, Orbis, Opale, MS Dynamics AX, iSoft, and Nexus.

mc portal for customers