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Quick Search New

This solution is based on Solr, a worldwide popular search engine in the Apache Foundation with a leading position in the market. The performant search engine is characterized by a high degree of parameterizability and offers a full text search of the reference database to mc navigator. User queries are answered in a matter of milliseconds. Currently, the following field contents are added to the search index with:


  • – Product Name
  • – Product Description
  • – Size
  • – Manufacturer / Supplier
  • – Product Groups (mc classification)
  • – mc warengruppen classic (facet gray, no choice without a license)
  • – mc warengruppen plus (facet gray, no choice without a license)


After entering one or more search terms you get to the left of the search results list called facets (manufacturer / supplier, product groups, product groups classic, etc.) is displayed. By the use of the facets which serve as a filter, the result list can be more and more restricted. The search term and the selected facets are shown on the left below the search box on the block “Current Selection” and may be partially or completely removed. This is done by clicking on the cross (x) in front of each selection. Clicking on the “Manufacturer / Supplier” in the hit list restricts this one on the hit of the selected company.

Quick Search New



It makes a difference whether one is looking for “vaso” or “Vasofix”. Do you want to search for all results that begin with “vaso”, so you have to “vaso *” write in the search box.

Keywords separated by a blank space are in an “OR” relationship. An AND operation is achieved by the word “AND” (Capital letters). For example: Vasofix AND pink

If you search for a term that contains a space, you must enclose it with high Comms (eg “green ball”). Nevertheless (green, green, etc.) using the fuzzy search for all strains of “green” wanted.

Searches with a letter-number combination (eg FRED3525) must be enclosed in quotation marks, because the search server otherwise the request is separated automatically. Example: Braunüle AND “G20” AND “33mm”

Putting a check in the “fuzzy searching”, so the keyword is surrounded in quotes is included.

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